Basic SCOPE Commands


This menu option will close any open files and exit SCOPE, returning you to MS Windows. SCOPE prompts you to save data before exiting but does NOT save automatically. SCOPE does NOT save as you edit, to save during editing use the Save/Save As option.


Use this option to start a new SCOPE database. You will be asked for a new File Name, and a location (on your hard drive or network) to save the file.


This option is used to open an existing SCOPE database. The result is a standard Windows dialog box, asking for the location of the database to be opened. SCOPE databases have the extension .fpa.

Import from FPW

This option allows you to import all the data from Function Point Workbenchâ„¢ into a SCOPE database without losing any information. The import takes less than a minute for an average sized FPW data repository. As soon as the import complete you can start counting in SCOPE.

Close / Close Current

CLOSE will close your current .fpa database and all the counts. CLOSE CURRENT only closes the currently displayed count.


Use this to either Save the file you have been working on, or to save it in a different location and/or with a different File Name. SCOPE saves automatically at user controllable time intervals, you can adjust the time interval or disable the Auto Save. However if you are in a multi-user environment using SCOPE Corporate then other concurrent users may elect to save the database (including your data).

Compact Database

Use this housekeeping function to manage the efficiency of SCOPE.We recommend you compact the database routinely to ensure that the indexes to all SCOPE records are working efficiently.


Press F1 in any screen to access Help on any topic. In order to view HELP your computer needs to connect to the Total Metrics WWW site. SCOPE Help additionally provides search capability on Table of Contents, Index, and Glossary. For more advanced help also view the SCOPE online Tutorials and the Function Point Counting Expert System FP Decision Makerâ„¢

Starting Up SCOPE

When you first run SCOPE, the options of which SCOPE database is to be opened can be found under the File Menu.

In addition, the File menu also contains a list of the most recently opened databases. These are listed in reverse order, above the Exit option. Other options in the File menu are listed below.