What is SCOPE

SCOPE is a Project Management, Software Metrics Repository and Functional Size Measurement software tool that supports the IFPUG 4.3 Function Point Analysis (FPA) methodology and ISBSG Metrics recording and Benchmarking. It is a powerful combination of easy to use features and comprehensive functionality. SCOPE makes it easy to measure the Functional Size of software applications and software projects.

SCOPE enables logical groups of Functions and Processes to be visually mapped out as nodes on a hierarchical tree, providing a detailed view of a project’s functionality and the relative size of each functional area. This capability to expand or collapse functional branches allows you to see as little or as much detail on one screen as you wish.

Functional Size Measurement and Project Management Features

If you need to measure the Functional Size of an existing software application or project, then SCOPE allows you to simply record the type and complexity of Processes and Data Groups and calculate the functional size. Simple FPA counts like these may be all that is required, but SCOPE is designed to do much more towards providing an audit trail to monitor and control your project’s progress and the growth of an application over multiple releases during its lifetime.

By using SCOPE in the initial stages of project development, you can model your planned software’s functionality in higher level Functions, and easily evaluate the impact of a particular decision to include or exclude functions. As a project evolves, SCOPE supports you as you add detail and decompose the Functions down into Processes. Additionally, SCOPE supports complex development cycles with multiple change requests within the same releaseit acts as a software asset register and by keeping a history of multiple software versions in production. SCOPE enables you to keep a ‘functional’ history of each application by providing a documented audit trail of changes to the software throughout its life. Traceability and being able to quantify changes is particularly important for contract negotiations of pricing variations in outsourced development.

During a software development project, uninformed decisions can lead to inconsistent and incorrect resource allocation that can ultimately jeopardize the project’s outcome. For example, a project’s success in terms of remaining within budget and time constraints can sometimes mean sacrificing functionality. These trade-off decisions are made more difficult without some way to measure and compare functionality across different parts of the application being developed. SCOPE allows you to easily do this “what-if” analysis, and thus make informed management decisions on the impact of scope changes; plus you will have a record that enables those decisions to be justified, if required later.

Benchmarking Capability

SCOPE enables the collection of performance and quality metrics for benchmarking and performance monitoring. Its sophisticated reporting capability enables comparison to Industry data and trends analysis. See : Setting Up Applications and Projects for Benchmarking