Audit Trail of History of Changes to Counts

SCOPE will automatically record details of which Author who created or modified any tree node (Functions, Data, Attributes or Notes), as well as when the change was made. The information is displayed at the bottom of the Details screen for the Node. It tracks all nodes for all trees.

By default the machine designated user name will be reported as the author of the change, or you can manually over-ride this and input your own name as the author for your session (Main Menu, Options/User Options, UserName.). When reviewing counts, you can search the trees for those nodes created or modified by a particular user, on selected date ranges. The resulting highlighted nodes are flagged on screen and can be reported selectively on any of the SCOPE reports using the “Select Flagged Nodes” option in the Report Selection box.

This audit option allows you to review any changes to a count and have a full history of when those changes were made and by whom. This is particularly useful for SCOPE Enterprise multi-user environments when multiple users can maintain a count. Use 'Find and Replace' to search on Dates changes were made or Author's name. If you are unsure of who made any changes then put an "*" in the search box all changes by all Authors for the selected dates will be highlighted.

To get a report of listing of all the nodes (Process, Files, Notes, Attributes) and who changed them, and when, select to run one of the Details reports with the Output Format to be Microsoft Excel. The last 4 four columns in the report list all the Audit information. Use the Compare Function to compare two reports for differences.