Advanced Import from FPW

FPW Conversion

SCOPE enables the Program Full Convert to first convert the FPW paradox files to Microsoft Access tables prior to the SCOPE Import. In some instances Users find that their network security installations prevent SCOPE from triggering the Full Convert Program.

In this case complete the following steps.

  1. On your Computers 'Start bar' use the "Search Programs and Files" option to search for Full Convert Enterprise 5.0 (do not update this version to the latest version , use the one installed on your computer as part of your SCOPE Install).
  2. Select to run Full Convert Enterprise 5.0
  3. In the Welcome to Full Convert window, select option “Create New conversion” then follow the steps below.

Step 1.

Left hand side list of Available source databases – select “Paradox”

Right hand side under Paradox Database Folder browse for the directory where the FPW .db and .px files are stored. (Should have 22 db and 22 px files). Press <NEXT>

Step 2.

Left hand side list of Available Target databases – select “Access”

Right hand side under Access File Name browse for the directory where you want the .mdb converted files are stored.

Press <NEXT> (note remember this directory and file name that you entered, as you will be prompted in SCOPE to browse for it)

You will be notified that the specified database does not exist and be asked to create it. Press <OK>

Step 3.

All 22 FPW Paradox files will be listed in the Right hand side panel “Convert”.

Select <NEXT> to convert them all to .mdb files.

Step 4.

Select the option “ I want to convert immediately” . Press <Convert.

When the message “Conversion is about to begin” displays. Press <√ Continue>

A summary result report displays. Should report that all 22 Tables were created. Press <√ OK>

The full list of all the tables in the newly created Access Database will then display.

Step 5.

Select to Exit Full Convert Enterprise 5.0. You do not need to save the steps unless you want to reuse them again in the future.

FPW Import Into SCOPE

Please contact Total Metrics support if you experience any difficulty and our support team will assist you.