Updating Baseline Counts

Update to Baseline.

SCOPE allows you to record all your project counts as Count Sessions on a copy of the Production Baseline that you have created in the Work in Progress Release Group. Once all the project counts are complete and the Release has been put into production by the development team, you need to update you baseline count so it reflects the size of the implemented software.

In order to Update your Baseline Count for the Application you need to locate your cursor on the Latest Release in WIP (open green padlock), and then select the Icon Update to Baseline. SCOPE will create a new Baseline Count under the Production Release Branch under the Application. When you select to Update to Baseline, you will be prompted to select to Hold Over or Exclude Counts from the Update.

In the new Baseline Count, SCOPE automatically

During the updating process SCOPE removes all the history of the Count Sessions i.e. which Count Sessions impacted which processes and Data Groups and just creates a Baseline Count that represents the Net Result after all of the Count Sessions for the selected WIP Release have been applied.

The new Baseline Count in Production now has a gold padlock and it is locked. This indicates that it represents the very latest Production Release Count and that there are no WIP Releases currently making changes to it.

Note: The Update to Baseline works in a similar way to Microsoft Word when the User selects to "Accept all Changes", the resulting document now has the net result of all the editing performed on the working draft.