Applications - Overview

Software Applications List

The Application List screen displays when you first open a SCOPE database. It can also be selected from under the main menu home option or File - Application and Project List. At the top level, it displays a list of the software applications. On lower levels, it gives the release and count sessions.

SCOPE can store the functional models of different versions of a software application known as Releases. Releases are listed under each application in one of three predefined groups depending on the status of the Release. See Releases - Overview

SCOPE colours the application and release names to show you if they have special status. An orange applcation name means that you have only been granted read-only access to that application. You cannot change any details about the application or its related releases and count sessions. A red release name means that the release has been locked by another user. SCOPE Enterprise only allows one user at a time to edit a release.

The buttons available, and what those buttons do, alters as you navigate through the application tree. For example, some options are available only when you have a release selected. The most important options available from the application list are: