Start Scope

To start SCOPE:

  1. Select the SCOPE icon on your Desktop or under Windows START-Programs-SCOPE and double click on SCOPE.exe
  2. Enter your Contact Name, your Company or Organization Name, and the SCOPE Serial Number into the dialogue boxes provided. (Note: each of these fields has been supplied with your software or by your supplier). You must enter these above three fields EXACTLY the same as provided to you in order for SCOPE to validate your License. It is therefore recommended that you copy and paste the details directly from the email sent.
  3. If you are not using an Evaluation copy of SCOPE then your license details need to be 'Activated' via the Total Metrics authentication server. You need to be connected to the Internet to Activate SCOPE. Once you have entered the license details press the Activate button. SCOPE will return a message to let you know that you have successfully activated SCOPE.
  4. Use the example SCOPE database, accessible from the main "file" menu of SCOPE, to explore the functionality provided by SCOPE.


SCOPE records the project data entered by you within a single database consistent with a Microsoft ACCESS format, or in Microsoft SQL Server (SCOPE Enterprise only). SCOPE database files are stored as .fpa files.

If Total Metrics provides you with an updated serial number for a new version of SCOPE software then you can update it by selecting Change Registration Details under Help on the main menu.