Overview of SCOPE 2.2 Features

Published June 2009

SCOPE now speaks your language

SCOPE 2.2 and SCOPE Viewer® are now multi-lingual. You can choose the language for your screen displays, messages and reports. When installed SCOPE defaults to the language set by your operating system. When you are running SCOPE you can change the language to the language of your choice including:

Now you can function point count in your language and report to your users in their language.

Automated Counting - SCOPE Function Block Templates

SCOPE 2.2 allows you to quickly count ‘standard’ functionality by generating function blocks of transactions that have their name type and complexity automatically assigned to previously defined default values. This is particularly useful in early counting.

For example: Often a logical file will have one or all of the following transactions - Create, Modify, Delete, View, Browse/List and, or Report. To generate all of these transactions and their file links, just locate your cursor on the logical file and select to insert a ‘Template Function Group’ and SCOPE will automatically generate all the transactions for you. You can create multiple Template Function Groups and set up default name, type and complexity and whether they update or only read a file.

Once you have set up your default templates SCOPE allows you to import and export them for future use by yourself or your colleagues.