EXCEL Metrics Templates Which one to Choose?

EXCEL Import Templates

You can to enter Project related metrics such as effort, defects, cost and environment data) to combine with your Function Point size data directly into SCOPE. These metrics can then be used for benchmark and performance reporting. (see Setting up Benchmark Metrics)

To speed up this data entry, SCOPE has alternative method of inputting Metrics data by importing them from SCOPE Metrics Import Templates. These Excel templates enable organisations to convert their metrics data from their original source into EXCEL for bulk importing into SCOPE.

There are 4 SCOPE Metrics Import Templates.

  1. ImportChangeRequests.xlsm
  2. ImportProject.xlsm
  3. ImportRelease.xlsm
  4. ImportApplication.xlsm

Choose the template that best suits your organisations method for collecting metrics and reporting them.

eg. if your project teams ;

Templates #1 to #3 collect metrics related to Development and Enhancement. Template #4 is specifically for Maintenance and Support metrics for Applications.

All these templates are stored in the MyDocuments directory under your Windows User Name. When using these templates, after copying and renaming them, we would recommend that you do not try and modify any validation rules or formats, as they have been specifically set up to facilitate import of data into SCOPE. Many of the fields have reserved values as defined by the ISBSG data collection requirements. SCOPE has specifically restricted the validation on the data entry to be compliant with the ISBSG data collection requirements. Do not change these as SCOPE will not import values that are not ISBSG compliant.

Follow instructions in Setting Up your Metrics Data in Excel to complete the templates for import.

SCOPE Excel Templates have been developed for Microsoft Excel® 2007 and 2010. We do not expect them to work as expected if you use older versions of Microsoft Excel.