Customising Excel Metrics Charts

Pivot charts and Pivot Tables provide interactive analysis of data. You can change views of data, see different levels of detail, or reorganize the chart layout by dragging fields and by showing or hiding items in fields. For more information on how to edit Pivot Charts see Microsoft Office 2007 Pivot Table Tutorial.

Add and remove displayed Fields

  1. Open the Data table associated with the Chart
  2. Click on the Table to display the Pivot Table Field List on the RHS of the screen
  3. Select fields from the check list to be added to the table to be displayed on the Chart
  4. Un-select fields from the check list to be removed to the table and the Chart display

Remove "Blank" rows or other data from Displayed Chart data

  1. Click on the Table row header drop down list. It displays a list of the current rows that are displayed on the Chart
  2. Un-select the "blank" row and other data row you want to remove it from the display

Change Format of Chart Display

Any changes you make will be for the current Workbook ONLY and will not be reflected next time you extract the data. If you want to keep your changes permanently then see Saving a New Excel Chart Template and Saving a New Excel Chart Template.

Saving Your Excel Chart Templates