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Recording Application M and S Metrics

You can record metrics data either :

To enter the environment attributes for an Application, select the Details Icon whilst located on the Application Name either in the Applications List or the Benchmark Metrics List.

Comparative Benchmarking has demonstrated that environmental attributes of an Application impacts the productivity achieved by both the development and enhancement (D&E) and the maintenance and support (M&S) teams. If you are planning to submit your Benchmark D&E or M&S data to ISBSG or to benchmark your own data to industry it is important that you complete all these Application Environment fields.

Platform - Defines the primary software development platform, (as determined by the operating system used). Each project is classified as: PC, Mid Range, Main Frame or Multi platform. ISBSG classify the development platform of the project to be the environment in which the software was developed, based on primarily the development operating system. This question provides primary input to that classification. A Multi platform environment would include aspects of more than one of the categories Mainframe, Midrange, or PC.

Unique ID - used by ISBSG. If you submit M&S Metrics for an Application, then ISBSG will allocate you a unique ID for each Application submitted. This enables ISBSG to track subsequent submissions in other Benchmarking Periods for that Application.

Primary Programming Language - for an explanation for what to enter in this field see Environment Data (D&E - Projects and Releases)

Secondary Programming Language - The secondary programming language is that used to program the bulk of the application after the primary programming language.

KSLOC% - Amount of code should be the number of Logical KSLOC in the relevant language (primary, 2nd or 3rd, etc). However, if more convenient it may be expressed as a percentage figure, with total Logical KSLOC for application. Logical KSLOC includes job control statements, format statements and data declarations but excludes comment and unmodified utility software. Physical KSLOC includes all the above.

Language Level - for an explanation for what to enter in this field see Environment Data (D&E - Projects and Releases)