Size Data (D&E - Projects and Releases)

See Setting Up Benchmark Metrics

You can record metrics data either:

Software size enables the quality and productivity metrics to be 'normalized' per unit of software output. For a more detailed explanation as to why Functional Size is the best recognized method for measuring IT output see : Why Measure Functional Size?

SCOPE was designed to enable you to measure functional size for Count Sessions, Releases, Projects or Application Baselines and automatically load the resulting calculated size into the size for the Benchmark Metrics.

However if you have know the functional size (unadjusted function points ) of your Count Session, Project or Release and you did not record it in SCOPE then you can enter it manually under the Details tab against "Project Impacted Size" or if you did record it in SCOPE you can leave the derived value or override the SCOPE calculated figure. Whatever is entered in this field will be used for Benchmarking reporting.

Hint - Open SCOPE EXAMPLE DATABASE which is installed with SCOPE for an example of an Application and its Releases and Projects where size has been entered manually. (FLY Application)


ISBSG applies a quality rating to the size data provided based on the information you provide about how you did the measurement of size. If you want to submit your data to ISBSG or record the count background for your own purposes, then complete the Resources and Background details in all the Count Sessions for the Project.