Environment Data (D&E - Projects and Releases)

Recording Project Development and Enhancement metrics

You can record metrics data either :

Comparative Benchmarking has demonstrated that the factor that most significantly impacts the productivity achieved by the project team (cost drivers) is the Primary Programming Language used to code the software. Other environmental factors have also been shown to impact productivity. If you are planning to submit your Benchmark data to ISBSG or to benchmark your own data to industry it is important that you complete these fields.

Select from the drop down lists the item which best describes your environment.


Primary Programming Language - The primary language used to create the source code/objects. JAVA, C++, PL/1, Natural, Cobol etc.

Language Level - defines the sophistication of the programming environment in terms of the 'generation' that the language is classified.

Type of Server - The services provided by the host/server computer(s) to the software application or product.

Stakeholders - Project stakeholders are those entities within or outside an organization which sponsor a project, or have an interest or a gain upon a successful completion of a project. They may have a positive or negative influence in the project completion. Stakeholders are anyone who has an interest in the project and provide feedback to influence its outcome. Project stakeholders are individuals and organizations that are actively involved in the project, or whose interests may be affected as a result of project execution or project completion. The project management team must identify the stakeholders, determine their requirements and expectations, and to the extent possible, manage their influence in relation to the requirements to ensure a successful project. The following are examples of project stakeholders: Upper management, Project customer, Resource Managers, Line Managers, Product user group.

Percent not project work - People need to work at a range of non-project activities such as training, administration, leave and marketing. Very rarely are 100% of work hours devoted to project work over the whole duration of a project.