Effort Data (D&E - Projects and Releases)

You can record metrics data either :

Effort is collected the same way for Count Session, Project or Release.

The Hours collected include all personnel effort that is directed towards the completion of a particular project including out-of-hours effort, whether paid or unpaid. Hours also include the effort of Client representatives in addition to that of Information Technology personnel. Effort is measured in whole HOURS.

A good test as to whether an activity constitutes PROJECT WORK EFFORT is to ask the question: "Would the activity be undertaken if there was no project?"

Effort excludes hours spent on NON-PROJECT ACTIVITIES such as:

Record the effort of the development team effort (in hours) expended in each major activity of the ‘generic’ project phases (see below). If you tick Derived for any phase then SCOPE will sum the hours for each of the Count Sessions that are linked to the Project or Release and put the total against the total Hours for the Project or Release.

The User can manually override the derived value by 'clicking off' the Derived Option and inserting the value manually in the field.

If you do not record effort at the Phase Level then just record the Total Hours value.

To assist in comparative benchmarking analysis tick which of the:

ISBSG defines Project effort as being divided by project phases and the major tasks making up each phase.

Plan Hours - includes effort spent on:

Specify Hours - includes effort spent on:

Design Hours - includes effort spent on:

Build Hours - includes effort spent on:

Test Hours - includes effort spent on:

Implement Hours - includes effort spent on:

The following table is provided as a guide for those organisations that use the ISO/IEC 12207 Standard Project Steps.

  1. Requirements Elicitation - Specify
  2. System Requirements Analysis - Specify
  3. System Architecture Design - Specify
  4. Software Requirements Analysis - Specify
  5. Software Design - Design
  6. Software Construct (Code & Unit Test) - Build
  7. Software Integration - Build
  8. Software Testing - Test
  9. System Integration - Test
  10. System Testing - Test
  11. Software Installation - Implement
  12. User Support - Implement