Change the Count Session in the Display

Above the status line at the bottom of the Function Point Counting Hierarchy screen is a pull-down list of available Count Sessions for the displayed Release. If you select “No Session” then the Release model will not allow Impact Types to be displayed or recorded.

HINT: If you need to fix up a baseline count for missing functionality, then select No Session and make your changes so that they will not be recorded as part of a count session and add to the size of your current projects.

If you have opened the Release model by selecting to open a Count Session then you can display and record Impact Types for that particular Session. You can open a particular Count Session at any time by selecting the name of the Session from the pull-down menu list. If you are located on a node that has been impacted by another Session for this Release then SCOPE will display the list of Sessions that impacted the node with Impact Type for each session in the Node’s Details view.

An alternative way to change the Count Session currently displayed is to select File / Project and Applications List and select to Open another Count Session.