Setup Template Function Groups

Template Setup Options can be modified by selecting Setup button on the Insert Template Group Dialogue box, or from under View on the Main Menu.

In this dialogue box you can set up your own customised Template Function Groups, suitable for your organisation, and add the appropriate verbs to be assigned to the processes, that are standard for your own naming conventions.

Create a new Template Function Group


Process/Transaction Verbs

SCOPE has a list of predefined Verbs that are currently used to describe elementary processes e.g. add, modify, delete, cancel, transfer, report, list, browse, view, enquire etc. These verbs have been pre-assigned the most common default 'type' and 'complexity'. For example the verb 'Add' in the following screen has been defaulted to an External Input with Average complexity and would update a logical File. If you want to Change Verbs then make your changes and select to Update.

Create a new Process/Transaction Verb by:

Reversing the Order of the Verb and Nouns in Template Function Groups

The syntax of some Languages (e.g. German) requires the Verb to be located after the Object name. Select the 'Reverse Option' at the bottom right hand side of this screen to change the order of the noun and verb.

Importing and Exporting Template Function Groups

Export your Template Function Groups to save as a file that can be later Imported into another SCOPE database and merged with any existing Template Function Groups.