Search and Find and Replace

SCOPE will allow you to search for any item by name on any tree and replace it with alternative text.By selecting the MORE>> option, the search can be further customised to search for Whole words, Case sensitive or From Current Position.

Search and Replace in Function Point Counting Tree Screens : >>MORE offers additional options of searching on:

To use the search function select Icon , press CTRL F, or go to Edit on the main menu and select Find and Replace. You can select to search up or down the tree.By selecting the More>> button you can further refine your search options.

All the nodes that satisfy the search criteria are highlighted and flagged. Since the nodes are Flagged they can now be used to as a filter to:

You can “accumulate” the flagged, highlighted nodes by selecting to search on other criteria. The new search results will “add onto” the previous search results, so the flagged nodes accumulate.To clear the flagged nodes select Clear All Flags from either the Search and Replace Dialogue box, under Node on the Main Menu, or selecting the “Unflag Nested”Icon on the tools menu.

see Flags and Filters