Reporting the Functional Size in Function Points

Reporting Counts

SCOPE conforms to the requirements of the ISO standard 14143-1 and the IFPUG ISO standard 20926 and therefore reports the functional size as Unadjusted Function Points unless stated otherwise.

SCOPE reports the functional size either:

Online Dynamic Display of Functional Size

The Functional Size in Unadjusted function points is reported on the status bar below the Main Screen. It reports the Release Baseline Functional Size, Release Impacted Functional Size, Release Reworked Functional Size and the Count Session Impacted Functional Size depending on which one is selected. It reports the size (in unadjusted function points) for the function and Data Group nodes below those that are currently selected on the Function Tree.

I.e. if you are located on the Root Node then the Baseline Functional Size reported will be for all Processes and Data Groups in the Release (including the data groups that aren't linked to any processes).

E.g. Function = 100 UFPs, Data = 25 UFPs Total = 125 UFPs.

If your cursor is positioned on a child node of the Function Tree then the Baseline Functional Size reported would be for the descendants of that Process, and for all the Data Groups linked to those Processes.

Reporting Flagged Functions

For example, if you have selected to flag four Processes worth 4 function points each, then the size of the 'Flagged' nodes is reported in brackets. All the Data Linked to the Flagged Functions is reported, irrespective of whether the Data Nodes have been Flagged. In the following example 4 Processes were flagged of which 1 of them was linked to 2 Data Groups. Therefore Data reported to be linked is 15 FPs (10 + 5).

E.g. Functions = 100 (16) UFPs, Data = 25 (15) UFPs Total = 125 (31) UFPs.

However if you ONLY want to report the DATA NODES that are actually physically Flagged, not all those actually linked, then go to the User Options under the Status Bar Option in the dialogue box and check the box titled : "Only Flagged Data Nodes used for FP Calculations".

When this option is checked, then for the case where only one of the above linked Data Nodes (10fps) is Flagged then the reported Flagged count displayed in the Status Bar will be:

E.g. Functions = 100 (16) UFPs, Data = 25 (10) UFPs Total = 125 (26) UFPs.

SCOPE Reports of Functional Size

SCOPE reports the functional size in 4 different ways which can be selected at the time of reporting:

  1. Release Baseline Functional Size
  2. Release Impacted Functional Size
  3. Release Reworked Functional Size
  4. Count Session Impacted Functional Size

For more information refer SCOPE Types of Functional Size Reporting.