Moving from FPW to SCOPE - Types of Counts

The following Commands in FPW are mapped to the similar commands in SCOPE.

Application Baseline / Project Function Point Counts

Function Point WORKBENCH SCOPE Project Sizing Software™ COMMENTS SCOPE Features
Production Application Baseline Count File > Browse for Counts and select count (Double-click) or Open in the Count List. Type is App for Application File - Project and Applications List- Explode tree - Select Application, Production Release (Open, Release with Gold Padlock) SCOPE highlights the latest Production Release with a Gold Padlock ICON. If that count is the latest i.e. There are no current Count Sessions then it has an Opened padlock Icon.
Development Project Count File > Browse for Counts and select count (Double-click) or Open from the Count List. Type is Dev for Development Project. File - Project and Applications List- Explode tree - Select Application- Work in Progress Release (Open Green Padlock), Open the Count Session SCOPE highlights the latest release being counted for a project with an open green padlock. Counts measured at different stages of the life cycle are recorded as Count Sessions but are individually tracked on the same Release model to retain configuration control. Record Project Details for each Count Session in the Project List
Enhancement Project Count File > Browse for Counts and select count (Double-click) or Open from the Count List. Type is Enh for Enhancement Project. See above. Highlight a Count Session and select Open. Link the count session to the Enhancement Project in the Project List Screen If your make changes to the Release when a Count Session is open then all changes for the Enhancement Project can be tracked by assigning an impact type to the elementary processes and data groups (impact type = add, change, delete). This is similar to using Tracking in Microsoft WORD. Record Project Details in the Project List.

SCOPE allows you to record multiple counts for a Project across many different Applications or within the same application and aggregate the counts to a Project Total

Recording Rework during a Project Not available to record rework (a/c/d) on the same process in the same Release count. A work around is to use Labels Use a Count Session to record your new changes. Impacts across the life cycle can be tracked cumulatively Report the total functionality impacted using the Release Rework Functional Size Report Option
Updating the Baseline Application count File > Maintain Application Baseline or use File > Browse for Counts, select count and press [Maintain Application Baseline] File Project and Applications List Select a work in progress Release with the Open Padlock (has update rights), select Update to Baseline. The Baseline Application Count is protected from being mistakenly updated by an earlier count that overwrites later changes. You are given the option to' hold over' a count if it is not to be applied to this baseline or to exclude a count in which case it is not used to update the baseline (useful for conversion counts).