Moving from FPW to SCOPE - Transaction Complexity

The following Commands in Function Point Workbench are mapped to the similar commands in SCOPE.

Assess Complexity of Elementary Processes

Function Point WORKBENCH SCOPE Project Sizing Software COMMENTS - SCOPE Features
Using Ranges of DETs and FTRs Complexity Rating Method - Rapid Result Source - Range SCOPE Default is Average Input
Input values of FTRs and RETs Complexity Rating Method - Record DETs/FTRs Result Source - Enter Value, Range
Derive from number of DETs and FTRs linked to the process Not available Result Source - Derive - Complexity and type automatically derived from RETs and DETs linked and access type SCOPE automatically derives BOTH the number of FTRs and the DETs from the links. This provides the most accurate counting capability of any tool currently on the market. Ensures traceability and auditability of your counts.
Guess Low/Average/High Only available using range selections Result Source - Assessment and select Low/Ave/High SCOPE - select low, average or high