Moving from FPW to SCOPE - Profiling Results using Labels

The following Commands in FPW are mapped to the similar commands in SCOPE.

Profiling the Functionality for Analysis and Reporting using Labels.

FUNCTION Function Point WORKBENCH SCOPE Project Sizing Software COMMENTS - SCOPE Features

Create Labels

(Create Labels) Select

Tables - Global Tables - Global List - System Use, Add

(Create Categories of Attributes)

Select - Attribute Tree TAB - ALT/INS to create CATEGORY. Highlight Category - INS and Attribute

SCOPE has Categories instead of Labels and Attributes instead of Label Options. SCOPE allows you to Label Data as well as processes.

SCOPE's attributes are non-exclusive so it allows you to link more than one option of an attribute to a single process.

Linking Labels Select Link Labels whilst in a Transaction. Only links to Transactions and links to related Label Options are not allowed. SelectLink Mode and view Attribute tree. Link to Data or Processes or Notes SCOPE allows you to create new Categories and Attributes whilst still viewing the Process, Data or Notes Tree. You can link related Attributes to the same Process or Data Node. They are not mutually exclusive.
View Combinations of Labelled Processes View Options, Search and Highlight, Complex Labels etc. Select Filter Mode Icon, Highlight the attribute and click the Boolean Icons (And/Or/Not) on Main Menu SCOPE allows you to view the flagged result of your filter selection immediately on the screen. Allows you to save the question selection criteria (Filter) or the results (Flags)
Save a selection Filter Save / Load Complex Label Filter Set Icon, Save SCOPE allows you to use a selection filter for any of the Trees (Process, Data , Notes and Attributes) and save this filter. It is not restricted to just the Attributes Tree
Load a selection filter Load Complex Label Filter Set Icon, Apply If you want to see the cumulative result of selecting, using a Data Group plus selected Notes, plus selected Attributes, then save each Flag Set result and then apply them cumulatively
Save the results of your selection Filter Highlight the root node for the Flagged Tree, Flag Set Icon, Save SCOPE allows you to save the results of a selection, and then re-apply them cumulatively.
Cumulatively Load the results of many selections Load Complex Label, Add to Complex Label Flag Set Icon, Apply Flags Cumulatively, Apply