The Data Tree

Counting Logical Files.

This tree represents the data storage and data retrieval functionality of your software application.

Functional size derived from the data tree is based on the type of Data Group and the combined effect of the number of Record Element Types (RETs) and Data Element Types (DETs) it contains. Where a:

The data tree is the only tree with Four types of nodes instead of two. (See also Detailed Recording of Data Groups)

The Four node types are:

As with the Function Tree, you can choose the level of detail you wish to enter.

HINT: It is good function point counting practice to map your Logical Data Groups listed in the Data Tree to the name of their corresponding Physical File in the Notes Tree. Create a Notes SET called “Physical Tables” and insert the name of each physical table as a Note. Link each table to their corresponding Logical File. This assists with impact analysis of future Change Requests and provides useful documentation for anyone auditing your function point count.