Recording the Relationships between Functions and Data

Counting Logical Files

Counting Transactions

To record how each Function or Process uses the data groups, display the Function Tree on the LH screen and select Link Mode. (See Linking Trees.) Display the Data Tree on the RH side and click on the box next to the Data Node name. A displays to record that you have set the Link. SCOPE assumes by default that the Access Type is Read Only (Red tick). To change the Access Type of a Linked Data Node display the Data Tree on the RH side, select the data node and click the tick will change colour from Red for Read Only to Blue for Update, a second click will remove the link. Alternatively you can view the access type and change it by right clicking the mouse, when located on the Data Node and select Access Type, then select Update or Read Only. Access Type can only be set if the data node is already Linked to a function or Process node.

SCOPE allows linking of individual processes to DETs listed in the Data Groups Tree. If a DET is linked then the link is automatically assumed also by the parent RET and the Data Group. If you link at this level then SCOPE will count the linked DETs when it derives the number of DETs and FTRs for the Process.

HINT: If you want to include additional DETs,that are not stored on a Logical File, in the DETs counted for a linked process, then create a File Folder in the Data Groups Tree to store these DETs and then link them. Examples of DETs that cross the boundary but are not stored are Messages, Action Control DETs, Calculated totals etc.