Export XML to a Metrics Repository

Select Export to Metrics Repository (XML) from under Edit / Export when you have a Release open. SCOPE prompts you to name the directory and the exported XML file. This export has been designed to export all the associated attributes and metrics calculated and stored within SCOPE for example it exports all the fields identified as being mandatory by the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group's (ISBSGs) project data repository.

SCOPE exports all the fields that are in the SCOPE Description and Summary Reports for the associated:

If you are located at Release Level (i.e. No Sessions are Open), then Count Sessions' Details will be exported.

If you have a Count Session Open within the Release then only that Count Session's Details will be exported.

EXCEL eports. These reports create an XML export file. The XML file is saved in the same directory as the EXCEL report file. In many cases these export XML files may provide the information you are wanting to import into other applications.

The schemas defining the data format for these XML files are located under the Programs Folder / TotalMetrics/ SCOPE