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A padlock icon beside each Release denotes the status of the Release. Thecolour and state of the padlock identifies each type of Release and whichRelease is the Latest Release of the software. The Latest Release is theone to select when changes to its functionality need to be recorded. The icon can be either Green or Gold and will be in one of two possible states, Locked or Unlocked:


If the padlock is green then this indicates that the functional model for this Release has the “Update Rights” to be used to update the baseline Production Release, i.e. this is the functional model on which any changes to the functionality should be recorded. Only an Unlocked Work in Progress Release can be used to update the baseline Production Release. Once the update is complete the Work in Progress Release is Locked and the update rights have been passed over to the new baseline Latest Release (its icon is set as a gold unlocked padlock).

If the padlock is gold then this is the latest Release and holds the baseline count for the application. This is the Master count which is used as the base for creating the next Work in Progress Release to record future changes to the application.


If the padlock is Gold and locked it indicates that this Release has been copied to create a Work in Progress Release and has most likely changed since it was copied.

If the padlock is Green and locked it indicates that this Release will not be able to update the baseline Production Release since it does not have 'update rights'.

NOTE: The User can override the status of a Release (i.e. colour and status of padlock) by editing the fields called Update Rights and Latest Release when editing the Release details. (See Set up a New Release for more details.)