Overview of SCOPE 4.0 Features

Published October 2011

1. SCOPE Metrics®

SCOPE Metrics® is delivered with SCOPE Professional 4.0® and SCOPE Corporate 4.0®. It can also be purchased separately as a standalone metrics module and used to record data for size, effort, defects, and environment attributes; for all your applications and projects. The data fields are compliant with the collection standards set by the International Software Benchmarking Standards Group (ISBSG) for Development and Enhancement (D&E) and Maintenance and Support (M&S) metrics. You can selectively assign Projects and/or Applications to your customised Benchmarking periods for comparative performance reporting and trends analysis. The standalone module is ideal for organisations that need to report productivity and quality metrics based on functional size but do not need the full function point counting repository capability of SCOPE. At the press of a button you can email your selected D&E projects and M&S applications data submission to ISBSGs for their repository.

2. IT Performance Reporting

SCOPE provides full online and print reporting of productivity, quality and size metrics, both as tabular data and interactive pivot charts. Select to report by Work Package (Count Session), Project, Release, Application and/or Period. Customise the in built reports or add your own to the report template and interactively include and exclude displayed data from your graphs.

3. Web Enabled Business Analytics Portal for Industry Benchmarking

SCOPE CONNECT® subscribers can utilise the latest technologies and frameworks of the semantic web to identify, integrate, query and visualise their metrics data. SCOPE CONNECT portal provides drill down reporting and dynamic filtering of the ISBSG database to enable you to ‘slice and dice’ your own metrics data to benchmark against relevant Industry projects.

4. Apply ‘numerical quantifiers’ to SCOPE Function Point Values

SCOPE 4.0 has customisable ‘numeric’ attributes that can be linked to the Process and Data tree. Either use the inbuilt Numeric Attribute Templates provided, or create your own Numeric Categories. For example you can create new or customise existing numerical attributes by setting up:

5. New User Interface

SCOPE has modernised its user interface:

6. Other Features