Overview of SCOPE 3.0 Features

Published May 2010

SCOPE 3.0 has Flexible License Options – Single User or Multi-user?

SCOPE 3.0 Corporate - is the new multi-user license type designed for large organisations that require concurrent access by multiple users to a SCOPE database. It enables storage of all your function point counts in a central repository that can be updated and /or viewed simultaneously by any number of SCOPE Corporate 3.0 and SCOPE Viewer users.

SCOPE 3.0 Professional – has all the features of SCOPE 3.0 Corporate but operates in the same mode as previous versions of SCOPE and is ideal for organisations that prefer to store their SCOPE counts locally and only need single user access at any one time to the database.

Contact us now to upgrade your current licenses from SCOPE Professional to SCOPE Corporate to take advantage of having global accessibility to your counts.

Complete Audit trail of all Count Updates

SCOPE 3.0 will automatically record details of which User created or modified any tree node as well as when the change was made. By default the machine designated user name will be reported as the author of the change, or you can input your own name as the author for your session (View- User Options menu). When reviewing counts, you can search the trees for those nodes created or modified by a particular user, on selected date ranges. The resulting highlighted nodes are flagged on screen and can be reported selectively on any of the SCOPE reports using the “Select Flagged Nodes” option in the Report Selection box.

This new audit option allows you to review any changes to a count and have a full history of when those changes were made and by whom. This is particularly useful for SCOPE Corporate multi-user environments when multiple users can maintain a count.

Snapshot a Project and all its Count Sessions

SCOPE 3.0 allows you to select a Project on the Project List to ‘Snapshot’ into its own database. The new database will only include the Project’s related Count Sessions, for all the Applications impacted by the project. This new function is similar to the existing ‘Snapshot Count’ function but it exports all the counts assigned to the Project into a single new database.

Allows a counter to create a single database with just their projects impacted counts so they can be worked on as a project group. Other users reviewing the project count can be shown only the Count Sessions relevant to their project.

Automatically Saves your data at user defined intervals

SCOPE will automatically save your data at prescribed time intervals to avoid you losing critical changes when experiencing power or network failures. If you would like to manually control the save option then just select to change the frequency of the ‘save’ or disable it under ‘User Options’

New Hierarchy Style Function Point Count Details – all on a single Report

The new “Hierarchy FP Size Attribute Summary Reports” combines the Process Hierarchy and Data Hierarchy into a single report that only includes those lower level nodes relevant to the Count Session or Release currently selected. Each displayed node reports the function point count details such as Process Type and FPs but additionally identifies which nodes are assigned to the currently flagged Attributes. It also reports impacts to DETs and RETs. You can selectively ‘flag’ up to 5 different Attributes from the same or different Categories to be highlighted and summed on the report.

We developed this report at the request of our users and believe it will soon be SCOPE’s most popular report.

Other Features and updates - SCOPE 3.0 responds to your at your requests.