FPA Uses and Benefits in Project Construction

Monitoring Functional Creep

Function point analysis provides project management with an objective tool by which project size can be monitored for change, over the project’s lifecycle.

As new functions are identified, functions are removed or changed during the project the function point count is updated and the impacted functions appropriately Flagged. The 10project scope can be easily tracked and reported at each of the major milestones.

If the project size exceeds the limits allowed in the initial estimates then this will provide an early warning that new estimates may be necessary or alternatively highlight a need to review the functionality to be delivered by this release.

Assessing and Prioritizing Rework

Function Point Analysis allows the project manager to objectively and quantitatively measure the scope of impact of a change request and estimate the resulting impact on project schedule and costs. This immediate feedback to the user on the impact of the rework allows them to evaluate and prioritise change requests.

The cost of rework is often hidden in the overall project costs and users and developers have no means to quantify its impact on the overall project productivity rates. Function point analysis enables the project manager to measure the functions that have been reworked due to user-initiated change requests. The results provide valuable feedback to the business on the potential cost savings of committing user resources early in the project to establish an agreed set of requirements and minimising change during the project lifecycle.