A function point count can be conducted at a number of ‘levels’, each of which provides a count which has its:

The level of detail for a particular count will depend on the purpose for which the count will be used. Different purposes will require different degrees of accuracy and detail in the documentation and consequently different counting rates. The most optimal level of counting may not always be able to be achieved in a particular situation since the level actually selected may be constrained by:

This document defines a number of levels of function point counting that are available from Total Metrics. We will normally recommend a particular level to you based on how the results will be used and your description of the quality of the information available to provide background on the count. However the final decision will rest with the client and the quality of the information available.

A particular application count may be conducted at one of the following levels detail:

Level Name

  1. Detailed Linked and Flagged Count
  2. Detailed Linked Count
  3. Detailed Count
  4. Default Complexity Count
  5. Rough Count
  6. Size Approximation