What is FP Outline®?


As of June 2015, FP Outline® has been made unavailable. It is now an internal tool for Total Metrics Consulting.


Many organizations have a need for quick easy software sizing and have neither the time nor the skills to do a detailed Function Point Count.

FP Outline® provides the expertise to quickly determine the approximate size of a project or an application in minutes rather than the days, weeks or months consumed using traditional IFPUG counting methods. Learn how you could use FP Outline® to save significant time and money in implementing functional sizing in your organization.

When could you use quick sizing methods?

How does FP Outline® work?

FP Outline® uses a series of algorithms derived from thousands of projects and applications counted over the last 14 years by IFPUG certified counters. The algorithms are based on over 40 relationships derived between known project and application attributes and the measured functional size. Many of these relationships are between the physical aspects of the project that are easily measured, and the logical functional size.

All you have to be able to provide is data on the 'physical measures' which in most cases are easy to collect, and then FP Outline® does the rest.

For example, there is a very predictive relationship between the number of pages of a functional specification and the function point count for a project. This makes sense when you consider the more functionality delivered by the project the more pages of specification. Just count the pages of specification!

This is just one relationship that forms the basis for the 20 questions asked by FP Outline® to 'predict' the size of your project or application.

FP Outline® reports the approximate size in function points with an appraisal of the level of confidence that FP Outline® had in determining the answer. The accuracy of the predicted size will depend on which questions you answer, and the accuracy to which you answer them. Our users are amazed at its predictive ability when they compare the size calculated by FP Outline® the actual measured size using the IFPUG methodology.

How accurate are the size predictions?

Total Metrics has been using the methodology underpinning FP Outline® for over 14 years and has been able to demonstrate its accuracy, in both project (new development and enhancement) and application baseline counts for over 2000 applications and projects worldwide.

Client Case Study

A large Telecommunications company planning to outsource the maintenance of a set of 45 applications needed to urgently provide the functional size of their portfolio to the prospective supplier. Total Metrics took 6 effort days using the FP Outline® methodology to establish the applications portfolio size at 30,710 UFPs. The predicted size was later verified using the IFPUG methodology and consumed 122 effort days to count. The actual measured size (25,326 ufps) was only -17.53% different to the predicted size. FP Outline® predictions tend to typically lie within a +/- 20% range.

Comparison of Estimated Size Using FP Outline® to actual detailed counting results using IFPUG 4.3 Rules 20 times faster and only 17.5% different.