SCOPE Editions

Scope is available in a variety of different editions which are designed specifically to satisfy different needs by organisations. The database used by each of these editions is identical which means you can share data with other users, upgrade to a different edition at any time and have a mix if editions within use in your organisation. SCOPE Editions are:

SCOPE Professional and Enterprise

SCOPE Professional and Enterprise are designed for people who really need function point counts and IT Metrics reporting. SCOPE Professional and Enterprise are a full metrics repository with Portfolio management and Benchmarking Metrics capability, in addition to full function point counting capability. It is available in two editions:

SCOPE is ideal for individuals or organizations who have a need to manage all the function point, productivity and quality metrics for a large number of software applications, each of which have multiple releases and multiple Change Requests against those Releases. A project may have many Change Requests each of which impacts multiple applications. Not only do you need to function point count one or many of these options, but you also need to manage their productivity and quality metrics, provide management trend reporting and benchmark against industry.

You have multiple concurrent counters who may be all counting Enhancement projects that impact the same applications and you need to ensure that they do not overwrite each others work. You need to have everything documented, traceable and auditable and in a single repository!

SCOPE Enterprise and SCOPE Professional will do all of the above and more! Major Corporations worldwide have implemented SCOPE to manage multiple metrics teams, across multiple sites with applications portfolio sizes in excess of 1 million function points.

SCOPE Viewer

How to use SCOPE Viewer Tutorial and About SCOPE Viewer

SCOPE Viewer enables the Function point counters to share all details of the Count Results as a softcopy with personnel who may not have a SCOPE license. It allows the user to view all aspects of a Count that has been recorded in a SCOPE database. Function point counters can select to ‘snapshot’ just one count for Users to review or they can select all counts for a Release or provide the users with access to all counts in the SCOPE database. The Users can then make comments on the count results and return the data to the counter to incorporate into the master version of the count. SCOPE Viewer is free and can be downloaded from the Total Metrics web site. Features are read only access and reporting capability only.